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[ ek-si-kyoo-tid ]


  1. carried out or acted on; performed:

    Doctors and nurses protested the central government's poorly executed offloading of healthcare responsibility to county governments.

  2. put to death according to law:

    Historically, an executed criminal was first buried in a public plot and only a year later transferred to the family grave.

  3. murdered or assassinated, especially swiftly and dispassionately or with political motivation:

    Videos even show the guerillas rejoicing over their executed victims.

  4. produced from a design or concept, as a piece of art or other skilled work:

    From the smoky wood flavors of seasonal appetizers to the finely executed desserts, the bistro keeps customers coming back for more.

  5. Law.
    1. (of a law, judicial sentence, etc.) put into force or effect:

      The Board is established for the purpose of hearing and deciding on appeals of a lawfully executed order.

    2. (of a legal instrument) completed or transacted by fulfilling legal requirements, as by signing or sealing:

      To access this funding, municipalities must submit signed construction contracts and an executed loan agreement by June 17.

  6. Computers. (of a program, routine, or instruction) carried out:

    Press F11, and the most recently executed launch configuration will be launched.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of execute ( def ).

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  • un·ex·e·cut·ed adjective
  • well-ex·e·cut·ed adjective

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Example Sentences

Robinhood has earned $453 million so far this year from “payment for order flow,” which involves obtaining rebates from market-making firms like Citadel Securities that execute Robinhood customers’ trades.

From Fortune

While preparing the Congress dinners, Posey “shone in an all his splendor,” Custis wrote, and “his underlings flew in all directions to execute his orders.”

The defensive line’s proficiency up front has allowed the back seven to execute their system and clamp down tight.

In the middle of an unconventional offseason, there are still a lot more questions than answers to how, when and where the NHL plans to execute games and travel.

Orlando Hall was executed just before midnight after the Supreme Court allowed the Justice Department to move forward with his federal death penalty.

Yet the email references the 1970s, “when police officers were ambushed and executed on a regular basis.”

The families had gathered that Sunday to remember Ali Bazzal, a soldier whom the Nusra Front declared they had executed on Dec. 6.

Last week, Robert Wayne Holsey of Georgia and Paul Goodwin of Missouri were executed within just a few hours of each other.

Despite Atkins, people with IQs lower than 70 have since been executed.

The way it was executed was maybe not satisfying to people, and it was in no way tied up in a bow.

I beseech your Majesty to be pleased to have executed immediately what is most expedient for the royal service in this matter.

The whole of the carving and sculptured work has been executed by Mr. John Roddis.

Francesco Bussone di Carmagnola, count de Castlenuovo, executed.

He had to break his way through the thickets, see that some kind of a line was kept, and that orders were being executed.

He was at once arrested, and on October 13th tried by court martial, condemned to death, and executed a few hours later.