[ ek-ser-gon-ik ]
/ ˌɛk sərˈgɒn ɪk /

adjective Biochemistry.

(of a biochemical reaction) liberating energy.
Compare endergonic.

Origin of exergonic

1935–40; ex-3 + Greek érgon work + -ic
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British Dictionary definitions for exergonic

/ (ˌɛksəˈɡɒnɪk) /


(of a biochemical reaction) producing energy and therefore occurring spontaneouslyCompare endergonic

Word Origin for exergonic

C20: from ex (o)- + Greek ergon work + -ic
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Medical definitions for exergonic

[ ĕk′sər-gŏnĭk ]


Of or relating to a reaction that releases energy to its surroundings.
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Scientific definitions for exergonic

[ ĕk′sər-gŏnĭk ]

Relating to a chemical reaction that releases energy. The breakdown of sugars by cellular metabolism is an exergonic reaction that releases energy used to drive endergonic reactions. Compare endergonic.
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