verb (used with object)
  1. to offer or expose to view; present for inspection: to exhibit the latest models of cars.
  2. to manifest or display: to exhibit anger; to exhibit interest.
  3. to place on show: to exhibit paintings.
  4. to make manifest; explain.
  5. Law. to submit (a document, object, etc.) in evidence in a court of law.
  6. Medicine/Medical Obsolete. to administer (something) as a remedy.
verb (used without object)
  1. to make or give an exhibition; present something to public view.
  1. an act or instance of exhibiting; exhibition.
  2. something that is exhibited.
  3. an object or a collection of objects shown in an exhibition, fair, etc.
  4. Law. a document or object exhibited in court and referred to and identified in written evidence.

Origin of exhibit

1400–50; late Middle English exhibiten to show < Latin exhibitus (past participle of exhibēre), equivalent to ex- ex-1 + -hib- (combining form of habēre to have) + -itus -ite2
Related formsex·hib·it·a·ble, adjectiveex·hib·i·tor, ex·hib·it·er, ex·hib·it·ant, nounpre·ex·hib·it, noun, verb (used with object)re·ex·hib·it, verb (used with object)self-ex·hib·it·ed, adjectiveun·ex·hib·it·a·ble, adjectiveun·ex·hib·it·ed, adjectivewell-ex·hib·it·ed, adjective

Synonyms for exhibit

Synonym study

1. See display. 9, 11. See evidence.

Antonyms for exhibit

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British Dictionary definitions for exhibitant


verb (mainly tr)
  1. (also intr) to display (something) to the public for interest or instructionthis artist exhibits all over the world
  2. to manifest; display; showthe child exhibited signs of distress
  3. law to produce (a document or object) in court to serve as evidence
  1. an object or collection exhibited to the public
  2. law a document or object produced in court and referred to or identified by a witness in giving evidence
Derived Formsexhibitory, adjective

Word Origin for exhibit

C15: from Latin exhibēre to hold forth, from habēre to have
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Word Origin and History for exhibitant



mid-15c., from Latin exhibitus, past participle of exhibere "to hold out, display, show, present, deliver" (see exhibition). Related: Exhibited; exhibiting.



1620s, "document or object produced as evidence in court," from Latin exhibitum, neuter past participle of exhibere (see exhibition). Meaning "object displayed in a fair, museum, etc." is from 1862. Transferred use of exhibit A "important piece of evidence" is by 1906.

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