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[ ig-zil-uh-rey-shuhn ]


  1. exhilarated condition or feeling.

    Synonyms: joyousness, hilarity, jollity, animation

  2. the act of exhilarating.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of exhilaration1

First recorded in 1615–25, exhilaration is from the Late Latin word exhilarātiōn- (stem of exhilarātiō ). See exhilarate, -ion
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Example Sentences

The withdrawal after the exhilaration of competing, no matter the outcome, is a mental crash that can hit athletes hard.

From Time

Visit Albuquerque welcomes you to experience exhilaration in the natural beauty of the Southwest.

When Kai and I return, Christina has a glow familiar to anyone who has ever been smitten by trail riding, a buzz of accomplishment, exhilaration and wanting more.

It’s a moment of gentle exhilaration that rail riders around the globe have been missing for more than a year.

On the Zoom screens of the pandemic, I found the exhilaration of new connections.

From Time

The exhilaration is short-lived, though, because Carey basically blue balls us.

Sorry, I need to have the exhilaration to enjoy it with someone else (and about 450,000 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook).

As Explorer Gene makes clear, whether inherited or learned, a taste for the exhilaration of discovery is a hard thing to shake.

As we walked, my nerves melted and a sense of exhilaration took over.

It opens in the middle of a battlefield sequence—the only one depicted in the film—but the exhilaration is fleeting.

This glow of feeling and exhilaration gave a new impress of sweetness and fascination to her beauty.

Who shall sing in lyrical language the exhilaration of such splendid men's work?

At the words the flaming exhilaration of the man's face vanished and his eyes took on a poignant, distant look.

Stopping once more to cut wires and tear up the track, we felt a thrill of exhilaration to which we had long been strangers.

Presently the set concluded; and the next moment he was at my side in a high state of exhilaration, mopping and breathless.


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