[ ek-soh-nim ]

  1. a name used by outsiders for a place, such as Florence for Firenze.: Compare endonym (def. 2).

  2. a name used by outsiders to refer to an ethnic, racial, or social group or its language that the group itself does not use, such as Chamorro rather than CHamoru.: Compare endonym (def. 1). See also ethnonym.

Origin of exonym

First recorded in 1955–60; ex(o)- + -onym

Other words from exonym

  • ex·o·nym·ic [ek-suh-nim-ik], /ˌɛk səˈnɪm ɪk/, ex·on·y·mous [ekh-son-uh-muhs], /ˌɛxˈsɒn ə məs/, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for exonym


/ (ˈɛksəˌnɪm) /

  1. a name given to a place by foreigners: Londres is an exonym of London

Origin of exonym

C20: from Greek ex- 1 + -onym

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