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or ex·or·cize

[ ek-sawr-sahyz, -ser- ]

verb (used with object)

, ex·or·cised, ex·or·cis·ing.
  1. to seek to expel (an evil spirit) by adjuration or religious or solemn ceremonies:

    to exorcise a demon.

  2. to free (a person, place, etc.) of evil spirits or malignant influences.

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Other Words From

  • exor·cisement noun
  • exor·ciser noun
  • un·exor·cised adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of exorcise1

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English, from Late Latin exorcizāre, from Greek exorkízein, equivalent to ex- “out of, from” ( ex- 3 + (h)orkízein “to cause (someone) to swear an oath”

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Example Sentences

The exciting Cincinnati Bengals continued to look like a team on the rise while dispatching the Las Vegas Raiders, and the Buffalo Bills exorcised all sorts of Bill Belichick-related demons by destroying the New England Patriots.

Her voice is both richer and more dexterous than it’s ever been, alternately contorting itself around and booming mightily over lyrics so deep and observant, it’s as if they’ve been exorcised from the depths of her being.

In the God-fearing, heavily Baptist town of West Memphis, devil worshiping became a scourge to exorcise.

I wanted to re-live the wonderful, happy moments of my early life in our relationship and—perhaps—exorcise the bad ones.

Does it merely take a united family leveling threats all at once to exorcise some of the demonic powers of addiction?

He's certainly done a lot to exorcise the whole Reagan era, and this is him at his best.

And he spat upon the ground, as if to exorcise the evil spirit.

We are not quite ready to believe that it is essential to exorcise the devil, even if he is one of sheer indolence.

Perfection is very slow to be reached, and that is what the Middle Ages required in order to exorcise the fears of divine wrath.

Those needles with which he punctured the flanks of his swine and cattle: what devils did they exorcise?

I hope that now and then, when I ask it, and when the duties of your day are ended, you will come help me exorcise them.


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