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explication de texte

[ek-splee-kah-syawn duh tekst]
noun, plural ex·pli·ca·tions de texte [ek-splee-kah-syawn duh tekst] /ɛk spli kɑ syɔ̃ də ˈtɛkst/. French.
  1. an approach to literary criticism involving close examination, analysis, and exposition of the text of a work, and concentrating on language, style, content, and the interrelationships of the parts to the whole in regard to meaning and symbolism.
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Origin of explication de texte

literally, explanation of text
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British Dictionary definitions for explication de texte

explication de texte

noun plural explications de texte (ɛksplikɑsjɔ̃ də tɛkst)
  1. a close textual analysis of a literary work
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Word Origin for explication de texte

literally: explanation of (the) text
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