[ ik-spos-chuh-leyt ]
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verb (used without object),ex·pos·tu·lat·ed, ex·pos·tu·lat·ing.
  1. to reason earnestly with someone against something that person intends to do or has done; remonstrate: His father expostulated with him about the evils of gambling.

Origin of expostulate

First recorded in 1525–35; from Latin expostulātus “urgently demanded, required” (past participle of expostulāre ); see ex-1, postulate

Other words for expostulate

Other words from expostulate

  • ex·pos·tu·lat·ing·ly, adverb
  • ex·pos·tu·la·tor, noun
  • un·ex·pos·tu·lat·ing, adjective

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/ (ɪkˈspɒstjʊˌleɪt) /

  1. (intr usually foll by with) to argue or reason (with), esp in order to dissuade from an action or intention

Origin of expostulate

C16: from Latin expostulāre to require, from postulāre to demand; see postulate

Derived forms of expostulate

  • expostulatingly, adverb
  • expostulation, noun
  • expostulator, noun
  • expostulatory or expostulative, adjective

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