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[ ik-stem-puh-rey-nee-uhs-lee ]


  1. with little or no advance preparation:

    The preacher’s Sunday sermons were delivered extemporaneously, with seldom more than a one page outline before him.

    Those of you who have attended an improvisation workshop have experience speaking extemporaneously, or off the cuff.

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Example Sentences

I decided to speak extemporaneously rather than deliver what I prepared.

The first is the obvious fact that Joe Biden's feet seem almost inexorably drawn to his mouth when he speaks extemporaneously.

For one thing, when he speaks extemporaneously, he pauses frequently and often says “uh.”

Though Daisey works from notes during every performance, he prefers to work extemporaneously rather than with a script.

He prefers to run on instinct, to follow his interests, to speak extemporaneously.

His sentences, although uttered extemporaneously, are invariably well finished and scholarly.

Watch him: he preaches extemporaneously, but often peers up and winks, and often looks down at his bible and squeezes his eyes.

He spoke extemporaneously as indeed do all the Elders of Israel.

This does not form one body with the rest of the frame, but is attached extemporaneously to it by bars and wedged bolts.

It is a discussion of a number of very vital subjects in the free form of extemporaneously spoken words.