1. stretched out: extended wires.
  2. continued or prolonged: extended efforts.
  3. spread out: extended flags.
  4. widespread or extensive; having extension or spatial magnitude: extended treatment of a subject.
  5. outstretched: extended arms.
  6. Printing. expanded(def 3).
  7. of or relating to a meaning of a word other than its original or primary meaning: an extended sense.
  8. Manège.
    1. (of a moving horse) noting an elongated pose in which the legs reach out from the body, the chin is out from the chest, etc.Compare collected(def 3a).
    2. (of the gait of a horse) characterized by long, low, usually fast strides.Compare collected(def 3b).

Origin of extended

late Middle English word dating back to 1400–50; see origin at extend, -ed2
Related formsex·tend·ed·ly, adverbex·tend·ed·ness, nounnon·ex·tend·ed, adjectiveun·ex·tend·ed, adjectiveun·ex·tend·ed·ly, adverb
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British Dictionary definitions for extendedly


  1. stretched out in time, space, influence, application, etc
  2. (of a horse's pace) free-moving and with long stepsan extended trot
  3. printing another word for expanded (def. 1)
Derived Formsextendedly, adverbextendedness, noun
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