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[ proh-trak-tid, pruh ]


  1. drawn out or lengthened in time; extended in duration:

    a protracted and bloody war.


/ prəˈtræktɪd /


  1. extended or lengthened in time; prolonged

    a protracted legal battle

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Derived Forms

  • proˈtractedness, noun
  • proˈtractedly, adverb
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Word History and Origins

Origin of protracted1

First recorded in 1590–1600; protract ( def ) + -ed 2( def )
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Example Sentences

The sandwich chain recently had to defend its bread, too, after Ireland’s Supreme Court ruled that, as part of a protracted legal and tax battle, Subway’s hoagie-style rolls did not meet the country’s definition of a staple bread.

While both companies felt they could have successfully fought the DOJ in court, protracted litigation made the merger route untenable, particularly for a startup like Plaid, which was founded in 2013.

From Fortune

On December 2, after a protracted disagreement over the release of a research paper, Google forced out its ethical AI co-lead, Timnit Gebru.

Douglas’s worry was that this scenario would set us up for a protracted constitutional crisis, one without any clear resolution.

From Vox

That’s why, if you ask buyers what impact the protracted election has had on the mood of advertisers or if it has affected ad spend, you’ll hear that there hasn’t been much change.

From Digiday

DNA tests were used to confirm Albert's status as father in both cases, following protracted legal battles.

“We need to be prepared for a protracted campaign in Gaza,” Netanyahu said Monday.

Without taking gradual steps, an individual is at increased risk of protracted PTSD and depression.

Yet four years later, after a protracted series of court fights, Mindi does not have her daughter back.

“Protracted handcuffing is liable to damage nerves that affect the functioning of the hands,” says the report.

These dreamy, Madonna-like beauties are the result of the most severe and protracted study.

Now, after a weary march and a protracted fight in the burning sun, some of the men deliberately lay down to die.

The previous year had seen the English miners beaten after a protracted struggle.

It may be that this my lot may be protracted from month to month, even till I grow grey in my captivity.

I watched Ganesha, and I joyed to see that his struggles were protracted beyond those of the others.