[ ik-steer-ee-er ]
/ ɪkˈstɪər i ər /


outer; being on the outer side: the exterior surface; exterior decorations.
intended or suitable for outdoor use: exterior paint.
situated or being outside; pertaining to or connected with what is outside: the exterior territories of a country.


the outer surface or part; outside.
outward form or appearance: She has a placid exterior, but inside she is tormented.
Mathematics. the collection of points not contained in the closure of a given set.

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Origin of exterior

1525–35; < Latin, comparative of exter or exterus on the outside, outward. See ex-1

Related formsex·te·ri·or·ly, adverb

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/ (ɪkˈstɪərɪə) /


a part, surface, or region that is on the outside
the observable outward behaviour or appearance of a person
a film or scene shot outside a studio


of, situated on, or suitable for the outsideexterior cleaning
coming or acting from without; externalexterior complications
of or involving foreign nations
Derived Formsexteriorly, adverb

Word Origin for exterior

C16: from Latin, comparative of exterus on the outside, from ex out of

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Word Origin and History for exterior



1520s, from Latin exterior, comparative of exterus "on the outside, outward, outer, of another country, foreign," itself a comparative of ex "out of" (see ex-). As a noun from 1590s.

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