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verb (used with object), ex·trud·ed, ex·trud·ing.
  1. to thrust out; force or press out; expel: to extrude molten rock.
  2. to form (metal, plastic, etc.) with a desired cross section by forcing it through a die.
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verb (used without object), ex·trud·ed, ex·trud·ing.
  1. to protrude.
  2. to be extruded: This metal extrudes easily.
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Origin of extrude

1560–70; < Latin extrūdere to thrust out, drive out, equivalent to ex- ex-1 + trūdere to thrust, push
Related formsex·trud·er, nounex·tru·si·ble [ik-stroo-suh-buh l, -zuh-] /ɪkˈstru sə bəl, -zə-/, ex·trud·a·ble, adjectiveun·ex·trud·ed, adjective
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Related Words

eject, expel, dismiss, boot, project, press, thrust, squeeze, evict, chase

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British Dictionary definitions for extruded


  1. (tr) to squeeze or force out
  2. (tr) to produce (moulded sections of plastic, metal, etc) by ejection under pressure through a suitably shaped nozzle or die
  3. (tr) to chop up or pulverize (an item of food) and re-form it to look like a wholea factory-made rod of extruded egg
  4. a less common word for protrude
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Derived Formsextruded, adjective

Word Origin

C16: from Latin extrūdere to thrust out, from trūdere to push, thrust
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Word Origin and History for extruded



1560s, from Latin extrudere "to thrust out, drive away," from ex- "out" (see ex-) + trudere "to thrust" (see extrusion). Related: Extruded; extruding.

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extruded in Medicine


  1. To thrust, force, or press out.
  2. To protrude or project.
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