[ ik-stroo-zhuhn ]
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  1. the act of extruding or the state of being extruded.

  2. something that is extruded.

Origin of extrusion

1530–40; <Medieval Latin extrūsiōn- (stem of extrūsiō), equivalent to Latin extrūs(us) (past participle of extrūdere to extrude) + -iōn--ion

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British Dictionary definitions for extrusion


/ (ɪkˈstruːʒən) /

  1. the act or process of extruding

    • the movement of magma onto the surface of the earth through volcano craters and cracks in the earth's crust, forming igneous rock

    • any igneous rock formed in this way

  1. a component or length of material formed by the process of extruding

Origin of extrusion

C16: from Medieval Latin extrūsiō, from extrūdere to extrude

Derived forms of extrusion

  • extrusible, adjective

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Scientific definitions for extrusion


[ ĭk-strōōzhən ]

  1. The emission of lava onto the surface of the Earth.♦ Rocks that form from the cooling of lava are generally fine-grained (because they cool quickly, before large crystals can grow) and are called extrusive rocks. Compare intrusion.

  2. The process of making a shaped object, such as a rod or tube, by forcing a material into a mold.

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