[ ig-zoo-buh-reyt ]
/ ɪgˈzu bəˌreɪt /
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verb (used without object), ex·u·ber·at·ed, ex·u·ber·at·ing.
to be exuberant; superabound; overflow.
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Origin of exuberate

First recorded in 1425–75; late Middle English word from Latin word exūberātus.See exuberant, -ate1
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What does exuberating mean?

Exuberating means being extremely enthusiastic or joyous. It can also mean overflowing with a certain quality or emotion.

Exuberating is the continuous, or progressive (-ing), form of the verb exuberate, meaning to be exuberant or to overflow. The adjective exuberant means extremely enthusiastic, joyful, or abundant. Exuberant is much more common than exuberating.

Example: The joy exuberating from Lindsay seemed to cause everyone around her to feel an immense sense of happiness as well.

where does exuberating come from?

Exuberating is first recorded in English in the 1400s. It comes from the Latin verb exūberāre, meaning “to be fruitful.” The core of the word is the root ūber, meaning “fertile.”

Exuberating is often used to mean that someone is overflowing with emotion, especially with a positive one like joy or confidence, as in They were exuberating with excitement upon winning the match. Exuberating is sometimes confused with exuding (“abundantly projecting or radiating”). You can see how they differ in these example sentences:

  • She was exuberating with pure joy.
  • She was exuding pure joy.

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What are some other forms of exuberating?

What are some synonyms for exuberating?

What are some words that often get used in discussing exuberating?

What are some words exuberating may be commonly confused with?

How is exuberating used in real life?

Exuberating is typically used as a fancier way to say overflowing when discussing an emotion or quality.



Try using exuberating!

Which of the following emotions is most likely to be used with exuberating?

A. joy
B. boredom
C. calmness
D. suspicion

British Dictionary definitions for exuberate

/ (ɪɡˈzjuːbəˌreɪt) /

verb (intr) rare
to be exuberant
to abound or grow in profusion

Word Origin for exuberate

C15: from Latin exūberāre to be abundant; see exuberant
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