[ eg-zuhl-tey-shuh n, ek-suhl- ]
/ ˌɛg zʌlˈteɪ ʃən, ˌɛk sʌl- /


the act of exulting; lively or triumphant joy, as over success or victory.
Also ex·ult·an·cy [ig-zuhl-tn-see] /ɪgˈzʌl tn si/, ex·ult·ance.

Origin of exultation

1375–1425; late Middle English < Latin ex(s)ultātiōn- (stem of ex(s)ultātiō), equivalent to ex(s)ultāt(us) (past participle of ex(s)ultāre to exult) + -iōn- -ion


non·ex·ul·ta·tion, nounself-ex·ul·ta·tion, noun
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Examples from the Web for exultancy

  • She had turned her frank gaze to Hugh in mingled wonder, exultancy, and distress.

    Gideon's Band|George W. Cable
  • The voice of the Prussian was full and vibrant with exultancy.

    Red Masquerade|Louis Joseph Vance
  • He thought he saw in him an exultancy which could only come from his late experiences in the field.

    No Defense, Complete|Gilbert Parker
  • The beauty of rhythmic movement, the joy of living and of being young, exultancy, baldanza–these are what they express for us.

    The Story of Florence|Edmund G. Gardner