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/ ˈaɪˌɡlɑːsɪz /

plural noun

  1. another word for spectacles

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Example Sentences

This is a guy who has his son-in-law clean his eyeglasses, for crying out loud.

One of them who called to him was a girl, round-faced and wearing eyeglasses, who appeared to be in her late teens.

And that was three weeks after she got out of the hospital, and while wearing her eyeglasses with the supposed secret powers!

While browsing a Beverly Hills record store he was approached by a “weird dwarfish man with huge eyeglasses”.

No throwback eyeglasses or filters on my photos to give the impression of a time warp.

He peers out through his black-rimmed eyeglasses with the solemnity of an owl—but you should hear his songs!

She was tugging at her bonnet strings, which were entangled in a knot, into which the cord of her eyeglasses had become twisted.

It is so much weaker than formerly that I have been obliged to get a pair of eyeglasses, which I am told are very becoming to me.

And these eyeglasses were affixed to the bridge of Sir John Meredith's nose, as he sat stiffly in the straight-backed chair.

Then he would pull himself together, glance at the lamp, readjust the eyeglasses, and plunge resolutely into the book.


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