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  1. a small hole, usually round and finished along the edge, as in cloth or leather for the passage of a lace or cord or as in embroidery for ornamental effect.

  2. a lightweight fabric pierced by small holes finished with stitching and often laid out in flowerlike designs.

  1. a metal ring for lining a small hole; grommet.

  2. an eyehole in a wall, mask, etc.

  3. Also oillet, oyelet, oylet. (in medieval architecture) a small aperture in a wall used as a window or loophole.

  4. a small eye.

verb (used with object),eye·let·ed or eye·let·ted, eye·let·ing or eye·let·ting.
  1. to make an eyelet in.

  2. to insert metal eyelets in.

Origin of eyelet

1350–1400; Middle English oillet<Old French oillet, equivalent to oill eye (<Latin oculus;see ocular) + -et-et; influenced by eye

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How to use eyelet in a sentence

  • During the ceremony, she was surrounded by 15 towheaded flower girls, each in a white eyelet dress and flower crown.

  • Presently he was rewarded by finding a small eyelet hole in the side of the mattress.

    The Daffodil Mystery | Edgar Wallace
  • There was a little eyelet, a square hole with a flap buttoned down over it, on a level with their heads.

    Six Women | Victoria Cross
  • Doolga wrung Silka's hand, that she still clutched, as they knelt side by side on the sheepskin looking through the eyelet.

    Six Women | Victoria Cross
  • eyelet-hole: Holes in a sail through which a lacing is passed or reef nettles rove.

  • And he crushed one between his fingers, and put the other into the eyelet of his boot to strangle it.

    A Treasury of Eskimo Tales | Clara Kern Bayliss

British Dictionary definitions for eyelet


/ (ˈaɪlɪt) /

  1. a small hole for a lace or cord to be passed through or for a hook to be inserted into

  2. a small metal ring or tube with flared ends bent back, reinforcing an eyehole in fabric

  1. a chink or small opening, such as a peephole in a wall

  2. embroidery

    • a small hole with finely stitched edges, forming part of an ornamental pattern

    • Also called: eyelet embroidery a piece of embroidery decorated with such work

  3. fabric decorated with such work produced by machine

  4. a small eye or eyelike marking

  1. (tr) to supply with an eyelet or eyelets

Origin of eyelet

C14: from Old French oillet, literally: a little eye, from oill eye, from Latin oculus eye; see eye 1

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