eyes front

  1. military a command to troops to look ahead

  2. a demand for attention

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How to use eyes front in a sentence

  • With some difficulty, Vyrtl kept his eyes front as he strode from the hall with Wilkins and his personal guards at his heels.

    The Envoy, Her | Horace Brown Fyfe
  • I look as unconscious as possible; go swinging by the group, eyes front; pick up a slice of bread and regain my cell as usual.

    Within Prison Walls | Thomas Mott Osborne
  • It was his first experience in an automobile, and he sat very rigidly upright, eyes front, his moustaches bristling.

    The Killer | Stewart Edward White
  • The musket rested on the shoulder, the foot quivered, eyes front tried to pierce the darkness.

    The Long Roll | Mary Johnston
  • In front of each platoon, the lieutenants and captains stood with the same rigid eyes front facing the men.