see give one's eyeteeth.

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How to use eyeteeth in a sentence

  • It was, as Bluff himself afterward expressed it, like drawing his eyeteeth to let that bully moose slip out of his possession.

  • Tell me, is it possible thet yer eyeteeth aire so far secreted up inter yer head thet yer don't know erbout baggin' snipe?

    Ted Strong's Motor Car | Edward C. Taylor
  • Forty teeth: namely, 10 twenty-four grinders, four eyeteeth, and twelve incisors.

  • If I do say it myself, weve had our eyeteeth cut for some time.

  • He skins me out of my eyeteeth every time he comes to town and then gives me a cigar wrapped in tinfoil to make me like it.

    Windy McPherson's Son | Sherwood Anderson