[ ahy-tooth ]
/ ˈaɪˌtuθ /

noun, plural eye·teeth [ahy-teeth] /ˈaɪˌtiθ/.

Dentistry. a canine tooth of the upper jaw: so named from its position under the eye.


    cut one's eyeteeth,
    1. to gain sophistication or experience; become worldly-wise.
    2. Also cut one's eyeteeth on. to be initiated or gain one's first experience in (a career, hobby, skill, etc.).
    give one's eyeteeth, to give something one considers very precious, usually in exchange for an object or situation one desires: She would give her eyeteeth for that job.

Origin of eyetooth

First recorded in 1570–80; eye + tooth
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British Dictionary definitions for eyetooth


/ (ˌaɪˈtuːθ) /

noun plural -teeth

either of the two canine teeth in the upper jaw
give one's eyeteeth for to go to any lengths to achieve or obtain (something)I'd give my eyeteeth for a radio as good as that
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Medicine definitions for eyetooth


[ ītōōth′ ]


A canine tooth of the upper jaw.
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