/ (ˈfɑːˈsjɛn) /

  1. a variant transliteration of Fa Xian

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How to use Fa-hsien in a sentence

  • Nothing of great importance is known about Fa-hsien in addition to what may be gathered from his own record of his travels.

  • Fa-hsien and the rest, however, through the liberality of Foo Kung-sun, managed to go straight forward in a south-west direction.

  • Fa-hsien and the others went forward to the kingdom of Tsze-hoh, which it took them twenty-five days to reach.

  • Here Fa-hsien stayed two years, writing out his Sutras, and drawing pictures of images.

  • Fa-hsien had not arrived in time (to see the distinguished Shaman) alive, and only saw his burial.