[fab-lee-oh; French fa-blee-oh]

noun, plural fab·li·aux [fab-lee-ohz; French fa-blee-oh] /ˈfæb liˌoʊz; French fa bliˈoʊ/.

a short metrical tale, usually ribald and humorous, popular in medieval France.

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Origin of fabliau

1795–1805; < French; Old North French form of Old French fablel, fableau, equivalent to fable fable + -el diminutive suffix; see -elle

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noun plural fabliaux (ˈfæblɪˌəʊz, French fɑblijo)

a comic usually ribald verse tale, of a kind popular in France in the 12th and 13th centuries

Word Origin for fabliau

C19: from French: a little tale, from fable tale

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