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[ fab-ri-key-ter ]


  1. a person who makes things by art or skill and labor:

    He’d spent some time as a fabricator of high-end military circuit boards.

  2. a person or company that makes something by assembling parts or sections; manufacturer:

    With its lapped metal panels, the complexity of the design required top skills, and the fabricator Purly Manufacturing did an outstanding job.

  3. a person who devises or invents something, especially a lie or a fictional narrative or character:

    The document paints him as a serial exaggerator and fabricator rather than a heroic whistleblower.

  4. a person who produces something fake or counterfeit:

    The fabricators of these forged archeological artifacts are still fooling some people even today.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of fabricator1

First recorded in 1600–10; from Latin fabricātor, equivalent to fabricat(e) ( def ) + -or 2( def )
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Example Sentences

Using a pipe bender from Krans’s old shop, they fabricated the engine housings, which stick out like devilish exhaust pipes.

I tend to believe that an artist capable of fabricating and installing the piece in such a remote place was also capable of understanding that its power lay in its anonymous mystery.

As Google gets better and better at understanding content it is going to be more important to focus on real readability metrics and not something fabricated by your favorite SEO tool.

Confronted with the endless number of physical systems we could fabricate out of the currently known fundamental pieces of the universe, I begin to imagine an upside-down view of physics.

Screen shots are also easy to fabricate and repurpose, so be skeptical of friends posting screen grabs of conversations with their friend of a friend of a friend who is a poll worker.

One of them even warned that he suspected Curveball was a fabricator who had created his story out of whole cloth.

Nevertheless, there was something taking, to my imagination, in the notion of being the fabricator of my own fortune.

I am afraid that we are all given to exaggerate very much, but Mr. Turnbull is the champion fabricator.

But this was a pure legend, probably the only one of its obscure fabricator which would reach posterity.

Some of the incidental details given are such as no fabricator would insert.

Hume was not, indeed, himself the fabricator of the tale; but he had not any historical authority.