/ (French fabri) /


Charles (ʃarl). 1867–1945, French physicist: discovered ozone in the upper atmosphere
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Examples from the Web for fabry

  • Fabry's office was a large room where several draughtsmen were standing up before their drawings, arranged on high inclined desks.

    Nobody's Girl|Hector Malot
  • He had been so closely connected with her in the good work that had been done, for Fabry had superintended everything.

    Nobody's Girl|Hector Malot
  • I am going to cable to Fabry to return at once; but while waiting we must persuade these young men to get to work.

    Nobody's Girl|Hector Malot
  • It was the first time that Fabry had asked if he could speak before Perrine.

    Nobody's Girl|Hector Malot