or face-lift

[ feys-lift ]
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nounSometimes face·lift·ing, face-lift·ing .
  1. plastic surgery on the face for elevating sagging tissues and eliminating wrinkles and other signs of age; rhytidectomy.

  2. a renovation or restyling, as of a room or building, intended to give an attractive, more up-to-date appearance.

verb (used with object)
  1. to perform a surgical facelift upon.

  2. to renovate or restyle in order to give a fresher, more modern appearance: Our old offices have been facelifted with new furniture, rugs, and plants.

Origin of facelift

An Americanism dating back to 1920–25

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British Dictionary definitions for face-lift


  1. a cosmetic surgical operation for tightening sagging skin and smoothing unwanted wrinkles on the face

  2. any improvement or renovation, as of a building, etc

  1. (tr) to improve the appearance of, as by a face-lift

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