faction fight

  1. Southern African a fight between rival Black groups, usually originating in tribal or clan feuds

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How to use faction fight in a sentence

  • He lost the State, and with it the election, while Hill won, and thereby arose an ugly faction fight.

    Marse Henry (Vol. 2) | Henry Watterson
  • A certain very poor widow was paying the priest money for the soul of her son, who was killed in a faction fight.

  • And no man knew so well as did Sir Timothy how to elevate a simple legislative attempt into a good faction fight.

    The Duke's Children | Anthony Trollope
  • It was a faction fight or something of that kind, and of course there is no feeling of a religious or party nature in it.

  • Again, the next year, a religious faction-fight disgraced the capital of the Empire.

    Theodoric the Goth | Thomas Hodgkin