or Far·o·ese

[ fair-oh-eez, -ees ]
/ ˌfɛər oʊˈiz, -ˈis /

noun, plural Faer·o·ese.

a native or inhabitant of the Faeroe Islands.
the Scandinavian language spoken there.


of or relating to the Faeroe Islands, its people, or their language.

Origin of Faeroese

First recorded in 1850–55
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British Dictionary definitions for faeroese



/ (ˌfɛərəʊˈiːz) /


of, relating to, or characteristic of the Faeroes, their inhabitants, or their language


the chief language of the Faeroes, closely related to Icelandic, although they are not mutually intelligible
plural -ese a native or inhabitant of the Faeroes
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