fag hag

[ fag-hag ]

nounSlang: Usually Disparaging and Offensive.
  1. a heterosexual woman who seeks out or particularly enjoys the company of gay men.

Origin of fag hag

First recorded in 1965–70

usage note For fag hag

The term fag hag is derogatory for several reasons. It could imply that such a woman is unattractive to heterosexual men, is insecure about herself in regard to heterosexual dating and sex, is neurotic or needy, or is hiding her sexual attraction to gay men or to the particular gay man with whom she is spending time. The term could also offend a gay man in that a fag hag could be perceived as a threat to his sexual identity and cultural solidarity within the gay community. In addition, the component words are derogatory: fag is insulting to gay men and hag is insulting to women. On the other hand, fag hag is a controversial term. Some gay men do take it as inoffensive and some women even use it as a term of self-reference. In fact, it can be regarded as a term of solidarity between gay men and heterosexual women who associate with them. See also fag1.

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British Dictionary definitions for fag hag

fag hag

  1. slang, usually derogatory a heterosexual woman who prefers the company of homosexual men

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