or fe·la·fel

[ fuh-lah-fuh l ]
/ fəˈlɑ fəl /

noun Middle Eastern Cookery.

a small croquette made with ground chickpeas or fava beans and spices, often served with salad and tahini in pita bread.

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Sometimes fa·la·fil.

Origin of falafel

1950–55; < Levantine Arabic falāfil, plural of filfil “pepper”; possibly from Persian pilpil, from Sanskrit pippalī “long pepper,” or from Aramaic pilpāl “small round object, peppercorn”
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/ (fəlˈɑːfəl) /


a ball or cake of ground spiced chickpeas, deep-fried and often served with pitta bread

Word Origin for falafel

C20: from Arabic felāfil
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