[ fol-duh ]
/ ˈfɒl də /
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a white silk vestment extending from the waist to the ground, worn over the cassock by the pope on solemn occasions.



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Origin of falda

<Italian <Germanic; see fold1
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Example sentences from the Web for falda

  • Drummond turned in saddle as they rode forth upon the dark falda and gazed long and fixedly at the trooper by his side.

    Foes in Ambush|Charles King
  • Six-fifteen:—Barclay and his corporal were but dots along the falda now, and moving swiftly.

    A Trooper Galahad|Charles King
  • Tha drêi as et ljucht fon êr tore vppet ronddêl falda, sa-r that al fêlo wêpende manna wra burchwal wêron.

  • It keeps close to the foot of the range, the falda, and enables farmers to settle on it.

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