[ fawld-stool ]
/ ˈfɔldˌstul /


a chair or seat, originally one capable of being folded, used by a bishop or other prelate when officiating in his own church away from his throne or in a church not his own.
a movable folding stool or desk at which worshipers kneel during certain acts of devotion.
such a stool placed at the south side of the altar, at which the kings or queens of England kneel at their coronation.
a desk at which the litany is said or sung.

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Origin of faldstool

1595–1605; < Medieval Latin faldistolium < West Germanic *faldistōl (compare Old High German faltistuol, late Old English fældestōl, fyldestōl); see fold1, stool; cf. fauteuil

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/ (ˈfɔːldˌstuːl) /


a backless seat, sometimes capable of being folded, used by bishops and certain other prelates

Word Origin for faldstool

C11 fyldestol, probably a translation of Medieval Latin faldistolium folding stool, of Germanic origin; compare Old High German faldstuol

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