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fall behind


  1. to drop back; fail to keep up
  2. to be in arrears, as with a payment

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Also, get behind .

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Example Sentences

Women fall behind when they take time out to raise children and then return to the workplace at a disadvantage.

Nor do most recent graduates perceive themselves as being “in debt” until they start to fall behind in their payments.

And sometimes official confirmations fall behind the reports.

You go to one in an emergency, but eventually you fall behind so you go to another and then another and then another.

This little girl doesn't want to be up here, I am sure; suppose you both go down and fall behind the procession?

Assarac raised the hangings, and stepping quickly aside, gave place while he let them fall behind his comrade.

Dr. Watson does not fall behind his predecessors in doing justice to this magnificent effort of Hebrew genius or inspiration.

As we went on up hill our boys began to fall behind, and long before night I could see nothing of them.

Feeling this, he slipped it off as he gained the street, and suffered it to fall behind him.


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