fall in

verb(intr, adverb)
  1. to collapse; no longer act as a support

  2. to adopt a military formation, esp as a soldier taking his place in a line

  1. (of a lease) to expire

  2. (of land) to come into the owner's possession on the expiry of the lease

  3. (often foll by with)

    • to meet and join

    • to agree with or support a person, suggestion, etc

  4. Australian and NZ to make a mistake or come to grief

  5. NZ to become pregnant

sentence substitute
  1. the order to adopt a military formation

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fall in

Take one's place in formation or in the ranks, as in The sergeant ordered the troops to fall in. A related expression is fall into, as in They all fell into their places. [Early 1600s] Also see fall into.

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