[ faw-luhn ]
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  1. past participle of fall.

  1. having dropped or come down from a higher place, from an upright position, or from a higher level, degree, amount, quality, value, number, etc.

  2. on the ground; prostrate; down flat: Exhausted, the racers lay fallen by the road.

  1. degraded or immoral.

  2. (of a woman) having lost her chastity.

  3. overthrown, destroyed, or conquered: a fallen city.

  4. dead: fallen troops.

Origin of fallen

First recorded before 900, for the adjective

Other words from fallen

  • un·fall·en, adjective

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/ (ˈfɔːlən) /

  1. the past participle of fall

  1. having sunk in reputation or honour: a fallen woman

  2. killed in battle with glory: our fallen heroes

  1. defeated

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