[ faw-ling-out ]
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noun,plural fall·ings-out, fall·ing-outs.
  1. a quarrel or estrangement between persons formerly in close association with one another.

Origin of falling-out

1560–70; nominalization of verb phrase fall out;see -ing1

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How to use falling-out in a sentence

  • Some of them are found to have but one tusk, the other being torn out in fighting with each other, or falling out through age.

    Buffon's Natural History. Volume IX (of 10) | Georges Louis Leclerc de Buffon
  • Having lost several tie pins by theft or by their falling out I made a little device to securely hold the pin in the tie.

  • The pin was bent at one end so as to keep it from falling out and the other end fitted with two nuts.

  • Her mother wound an arm about her to keep her from falling out.

    The Child of Pleasure | Gabriele D'Annunzio
  • Once in a while we have a falling out, but not often, 'cause I won't quarrel.

    We Ten | Lyda Farrington Kraus