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or fall-out

[ fawl-out ]


  1. the settling to the ground of airborne particles ejected into the atmosphere from the earth by explosions, eruptions, forest fires, etc., especially such settling from nuclear explosions radioactive fallout. Compare rainout.
  2. the particles themselves. Compare rainout.
  3. an unexpected or incidental effect, outcome, or product:

    the psychological fallout of being obese.

  4. effects; results:

    emotional fallout from a divorce.


/ ˈfɔːlˌaʊt /


  1. the descent of solid material in the atmosphere onto the earth, esp of radioactive material following a nuclear explosion
  2. any solid particles that so descend
  3. informal.
    side-effects; secondary consequences


  1. informal.
    to quarrel or disagree
  2. intr to happen or occur
  3. military to leave a parade or disciplinary formation

sentence substitute

  1. military the order to leave a parade or disciplinary formation
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Word History and Origins

Origin of fallout1

First recorded in 1945–50; noun use of verb phrase fall out
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Example Sentences

The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index has dropped 10% from its peak in late March as investors responded to the pandemic and efforts by central bank and government officials to contain the economic fallout.

From Fortune

The change comes only weeks after Chairman Simon Thompson said Jacques had the board’s backing to handle the fallout from the company’s destruction of the ancient sites.

From Fortune

Until recently, the risks associated with failed trade talks had been in the background, overshadowed by the economic fallout of the coronavirus.

From Fortune

Over the past six months, central banks and governments have unlocked financial floodgates to deal with the economic fallout of covid-19.

Chancellor Angela Merkel warned the coronavirus crisis will get worse before it gets better and that the fallout will test Germany’s finances for months if not years to come.

From Fortune

Perhaps the worst fallout from all this is that when we are gripped by fear, we usually make terrible decisions.

But in solidly Democratic Oregon, the political fallout from this revelation is likely to be limited.

But the fallout from the Panetta book will be significant over time.

Mark Fuller, on the other hand, is unlikely to see any long-term professional fallout.

The fallout of this loss of trust has had an enormous impact on the outbreak.

After Test Mike, the implications of fallout obviously were global.

The expedition made significant observations of the role of plankton in the biological utilization of ocean fallout.

The treaty was, among other things, a declaration against worldwide fallout.

Amid such changes there was arising, too, a wider apprehension concerning the possible effects of fallout.

The word “fallout” was coined to describe the deposition on the earth of radioactive debris from nuclear explosions.





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