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false arrest


, Law.
  1. arrest or detention of a person contrary to or unauthorized by law.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of false arrest1

First recorded in 1925–30
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Example Sentences

Yet face surveillance is so invasive of privacy, so discriminatory against people of color, and so likely to trigger false arrests, that the government should not be using face surveillance at all.

The past year has been pivotal for face recognition, with revelations of the technology’s role in false arrests, and bans on it put in place by almost two dozen cities and seven states across the US.

Two more instances of false arrests have since been made public.

The remaining $5 million was to resolve at least 65 other suits — alleging false arrest, excessive force, negligence and violations of constitutional rights — with amounts that often ranged from $25,000 to $200,000.

It did not answer any questions on the specific allegations of false arrest or sexual misconduct in the original story.

Against the former there is now pending one felony charge, that of false arrest and imprisonment.

I suppose you're going to slap a suit for false arrest on the Casino now, eh, counselor?

There was never a suit for false arrest during General Wallace's administration.

Besides, that let the Dutchman out of a possible suit for false arrest.

They must be pretty desperate when they resort to such tactics as false arrest.





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