[ fawls-neg-uh-tiv ]

nounAlso false negative .
  1. Medicine/Medical.

    • a test result that is incorrect because the test failed to recognize an existing condition or finding.

    • a person who receives this test result.

    • any screening test result that failed to detect a person or thing being sought: Let's hope the new body scanner doesn't give us any false-negatives.

    • a person or thing that is missed by such a test: Retrain your spam filter if you’re getting too many false-negatives in your inbox.

  1. pertaining to or being a false-negative.

Origin of false-negative

First recorded in 1915–20

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British Dictionary definitions for false negative

false negative

  1. a result in a medical test that wrongly indicates the absence of the condition being tested for

  2. a person from whom such a result is obtained

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