[ fawls-stahrt ]
/ ˈfɔlsˈstɑrt /

verb (used without object) Sports.

to leave the starting line or position too early and thereby necessitate repeating the signal to begin a race.

Origin of false-start

First recorded in 1805–15

Definition for false-start (2 of 2)

false start


Sports. a premature start by one or more of the contestants, as in a swimming or track event, necessitating calling the field back to start again.
a failure to begin an undertaking successfully.

Origin of false start

First recorded in 1805–15
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Idioms and Phrases with false-start

false start

A wrong beginning, as in After several false starts she finally managed to write the first chapter. The term originated in racing, where it refers to beginning a race before the starting signal has been given. The expression was soon transferred to other kinds of failed beginning. [Early 1800s]

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