[ falks, fawlks ]
/ fælks, fɔlks /

noun, plural fal·ces [fal-seez, fawl-] /ˈfæl siz, ˈfɔl-/. Anatomy.

a structure shaped like a sickle, as a fold of dura mater separating the cerebral hemispheres.

Origin of falx

1700–10; < New Latin, Latin: sickle

Related forms

fal·cial [fal-shuh l, fawl-] /ˈfæl ʃəl, ˈfɔl-/, adjective
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[ fălks, fôlks ]

n. pl. fal•ces (fălsēz′, fôl-)

A sickle-shaped anatomical structure.
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