[ fuh-mil-ee-ar-i-tee, -mil-yar- ]
/ fəˌmɪl iˈær ɪ ti, -mɪlˈyær- /

noun, plural fa·mil·i·ar·i·ties.

thorough knowledge or mastery of a thing, subject, etc.
the state of being familiar; friendly relationship; close acquaintance; intimacy.
an absence of ceremony and formality; informality.
freedom of behavior justified only by the closest relationship; undue intimacy.
Often familiarities. an instance of such freedom, as in action or speech.
a sexual liberty or impropriety.

Origin of familiarity

1350–1400; Middle English familiarite (< Anglo-French) < Latin familiāritās intimacy. See familiar, -ity

OTHER WORDS FROM familiarity

o·ver·fa·mil·i·ar·i·ty, nounpre·fa·mil·i·ar·i·ty, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for familiarity

/ (fəˌmɪlɪˈærɪtɪ) /

noun plural -ties

reasonable knowledge or acquaintance, as with a subject or place
close acquaintanceship or intimacy
undue intimacy
(sometimes plural) an instance of unwarranted intimacy
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