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[ fam-uh-leez, fam-leez ]


  1. the plural of family.

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The post Escondido’s Shelter for Homeless Families appeared first on Voice of San Diego.

It is probably best known for its presence in baby bottles due to campaigns by organizations such as Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families and Breast Cancer Prevention Partners.

When we spoke in early December, she told me that the nonprofit Families United 4 Justice Network organizes regular gatherings of families of people whose deaths have gone unaddressed by the criminal justice system.

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The National Flood Insurance Program and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families—the money states use to administer their welfare programs—both end at midnight on Friday.

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More than two centuries later, a similar if less violent legal arrangement was included in the 1996 law that overhauled America’s premier cash assistance program for the poor, which was renamed Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF.

The editors, writers, and cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo were human beings with families, friends, and loved ones.

So in that sense we have gotten close to the families that have lost loved ones, be it from one side or the other.

Since then, the rising gap between the rich and middle- and lower-income families has risen to the fore.

But news of the classes is spread mainly by word of mouth, and participants bring along their friends and families.

Families stuff a life-size male doll with memories of the outgoing year and dress him in their clothing.

These officers are bound to maintayne themselves and families with food and rayment by their owne and their servant's industrie.

During his absence his own relations and the chief families in his town became the objects of persecution.

The decay and ruin of nearly all the "old families" in Ireland are among the penalties of disregarding it.

Foreign families of neutral nationality sought more tranquil asylum far beyond the suburbs or on ships lying in the harbour.

In fact, they had told a lie—they were deserting, instead of going to visit their families, as they said.


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