or Fan·ny

[ fan-ee ]


  1. a female given name, form of Frances.

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Example Sentences

In exchange for the cash, Fannie and Freddie issued preferred stock to Treasury that was supposed to pay 10 percent dividend.

As with AIG, the government essentially bailed out the financial system by bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Born in Montgomery County, Miss., Fannie Lou Hamer was the youngest of 20 children.

“The world needs to know about Fannie Lou Hamer, just like they know Dr. King and Rosa Parks,” says Bracey.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which buy almost every mortgage originated in the U.S., are still functioning.

As for Deppe's young protge, Fannie Warburg, whom he has formed completely, everybody says that she is wonderful.

But the Gales are real well off—Fannie and the twins have lots of new clothes.

A pleasant, motherly face was bending over her, with eyes like Ella and hair like Fannie; this must be the mother.

When the tea-bell rang, the new-comer was escorted to the dining-room, and introduced to her schoolmates as Miss Fannie Comstock.

The sudden death of his favorite sister, Fannie, gave him such a shock that he died within a few months after her.





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