Far North


  1. the Far North
    the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions of the world

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Example Sentences

He was due to leave Moscow that evening for concert performances in the far North.

The Dallas outpost is far north of downtown, across the road from the Dallas Galleria.

“It may have allowed Sandy to survive as it got this far north this late in the season,” she says.

The royal couple are currently in Ottawa, and tomorrow will set out for Nunavut, in Iqaluit, which sounds very far north indeed.

The far north of the country has been over run by Shia rebels who have been fighting Saleh for years.

It was as far north as Porter could hope to go without being surrounded by enemies.

This was known and told far and wide, yea even as far north as Norway.

Yet he was also located in the far north, and that point of the compass and the north wind were named after him.

Through the Baroness' help he was already filling the post of manager of an estate in the far north.

Only the Far North remained outside the bounds of the Dominion and this was soon acquired.