[ fahr-lee ]


  1. James A(loysius), 1888–1976, U.S. political leader.
  2. a male given name.

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Example Sentences

Farley included an example of reporting that is accessible to everyone, and the key is attaching the data and information to the user journey.

The buyer signs up for a free email resource which is sent to their inbox, and now Farley’s client has the buyer’s email address to begin the nurture process.

Farley also cited concerns about the group’s privacy policy, which were first raised by WHYY.

If the testing site is indoors, Farley said the private partitioned rooms should have a high ceiling or open roof, plus a hospital-grade air filtration system.

If you plan to fly, Farley suggests taking the PCR a few days before your trip and a rapid test on the day of your flight.

But Sandler was left with a sour taste in his mouth when he, along with his best friend Chris Farley, was fired from SNL in 1995.

The Rob Ford one worried me just because I feel like he looked so much like Christopher Farley.

I did a show at Second City with Chris Farley and Mr. Show with David Cross.

Former Postmaster General and Democratic National Committee Chairman James Farley was the first guest.

Then recalled Farley Mowat marking territory this way in his famous book Never Cry Wolf.

"I guess I'd better go to Farley's," he thought, as he walked along.

Ermina Farley need not think that because she lives in a grand house, and her father has so much money, she can rule us all.

Oh, I forgot to say that Mrs. Farley is going to stay with us and help me take care of Dad.

She had planned white sinks and cupboards when she and her husband, Laurence Farley, were directing the renovation of the place.

In the old Farley home May was always like that, like something asleep possessed by itself in a shining unbroken dream.





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