/ fɑːmd /


  1. (of fish and game) reared on a farm rather than caught in the wild

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Example Sentences

Chickens require significantly less land, water, and energy than all other meat options except farmed salmon.

Slavoblast certainly had the money to pay its farmed-out help.

His daddy was a drinker, not much for raising kids, so Johnny was farmed off to an uncle, Joe France, the toughest rancher around.

The boutique farmed out part of the finishing work to my father at the de la Renta shop.

“In the 60s we had quite a large area that we farmed and hired people to help,” said Doris.

Soon after its cultivation began in France, Spain, and Portugal, the tobacco trade was farmed out.

Now it was about areas of ocean to become boundaried and to be "farmed" for food.

These lands can be successfully farmed only by means of irrigation or by so-called dry farming methods.

The post-house, in 1653, was farmed at ten thousand pounds a year, which was deemed a considerable sum for the three kingdoms.

He was a manufacturer of worsted pieces, and for several years farmed the small farm.





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