/ ˈfɑːnəm /


  1. a town in S England, in NW Surrey. Pop: 36 296 (2001)
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Example Sentences

The Queen was accompanied in her car to the cathedral by a lady-in-waiting, Lady Farnham, and looked emotional at times.

In his place in the Queen's glass-sided Bentley was the Queen's lady-in-waiting Lady Farnham.

From this a long, gradual descent led directly into Farnham, the native town of William Cobbett.

Farnham was evidently pleased at being chosen by a big fellow like Bouverie to play against him.

Farnham soon came up to the mound; but they did not begin to move till Ranger shouted out that all were safely over.

Farnham and then Newland came, and three more; but the remainder could not bring themselves to make the venture.

Then Farnham took down a shutter, and in desperation threw open the windows to let some fresh air in.





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