noun plural -eries

mainly British the art, work, or establishment of a farrier

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Examples from the Web for farriery

Historical Examples of farriery

  • The eldest, a fine stalwart fellow of twenty-four, had made some proficiency in the art and science of farriery.

    Nestleton Magna

    J. Jackson Wray

  • Yet the end of all is that he never reads anything, not even books on Farriery.

    The Chaplain of the Fleet

    Walter Besant and James Rice

  • Gunnar was very useful here, for he was skilled in farriery, and could do much too with sheep and cattle.

    Frey and His Wife

    Maurice Henry Hewlett

  • When the small beast was trotted in to the farriery, the grimy giant laughed aloud.


    David Christie Murray

  • Never to have heard of Markham—the Koran of this savage tribe—the most celebrated author on farriery!

    Red Cap Tales

    Samuel Rutherford Crockett