[ fahr-sahy-tid, -sahy-tid ]
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  1. seeing objects at a distance more clearly than those near at hand; hyperopic.

  2. seeing to a great distance.

  1. wise, as in foreseeing future developments: a farsighted statesman.

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Origin of farsighted

First recorded in 1635–45; far + sight + -ed3

Other words for farsighted

Other words from farsighted

  • far·sight·ed·ly, adverb
  • far·sight·ed·ness, noun

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How to use farsighted in a sentence

  • The farsighted Indian had destroyed the trail made by the one who lived as he had crept from the scene.

    The Lone Ranger Rides | Fran Striker
  • Does he not consider them as farsighted and energetic as the others he has pompously mentioned with such childish illusion.

    England, Canada and the Great War | Louis-Georges Desjardins
  • The eyeball of a farsighted person is very short, and the retina is too close to the crystalline lens.

    General Science | Bertha M. Clark
  • farsighted, purposeful Germany fought four and a half years upon the strength of great power plants run by the snows of the Alps.

British Dictionary definitions for far-sighted


  1. possessing prudence and foresight

  2. med of, relating to, or suffering from hyperopia

  1. another word for long-sighted

Derived forms of far-sighted

  • far-sightedly, adverb
  • far-sightedness, noun

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